Volartec has a proven track record for rapid and successful implementation of Alkym. The team of experienced aeronautical engineers will work very closely to the customer on the implementation with the following goals,

  • Design an operate a model which, considering the use of the modules to be implemented, makes full use of the advantages and benefits of Alkym
  • Install and set up Alkym according to the company specific characteristics, requirements and needs
  • Massively transfer the digital information used by the company to Alkym in order to facilitate the full operation of the system in shorts timeframes for better results
  • Provide technical assistance and training to the company personnel so that Alkym can be fully and efficiently used
  • Ensure that the solution is closely aligned with the strategic objectives of the company
  • Collaborate on the identification of considerable and low-cost opportunities for improvement in the current business processes;


The scope of the project is based on the following premises:

  • Identification and analysis of the organization, processes, procedures and daily activities of the company in order to fully adopt and use Alkym;
  • Identification, analysis and validation of technical and operating issues with the aim of ensuring the viability of the IT solution;
  • Definition of the Alkym operating model in accordance with the company’s knowledge about the business, software, processes, procedures and daily activities;
  • Installation and start-up of Alkym according to the company's paramount needs.
  • Training in issues related to the Alkym modules which were implemented;
  • Data migration from other digital information sources used by the company to Alkym;
  • Support to Alkym users during the initial stages of using the system so as to ensure a successful adoption of the system and reduce response time in case of possible requirements;

To carry out the implementation project, an organizational structure is defined considering project leaders from both sides and a team interacting during the whole period. as an example,


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