In terms of maintenance service, technical support and updating tasks, Volartec provides customers with the following services,

  • Technical Support via telephone, email or remote access in case of incidents in the operation of a model with the following characteristics:
    • Reports of incidents to be tracked
    • Centralized reception and management of requirements
    • Supply of estimated dates for the resolution and communication of the requirement’s status to the System Administrator
  • Supply and eventual application of fixes (corrections) in the software mainly in critical cases
  • Supply of updates for licensed modules.
  • Support in the monitoring and control of the software performance in the Customer’s location.
  • Support in the definition of controls so as to check the correct/effective operation of the software in the Customer’s location.
  • Support in security matters for keeping information safe.
  • Support in case of loss of information and its recovery.
  • Support in the definition of procedures and system configuration.
  • Support in the analysis of the most convenient updates for the new versions.
  • Support in the optimization of the use of information.
  • Support in the disclosure and utilization of new functions and capabilities of the software.
  • Access to training courses relative to Alkym/ Management and Control System for Aircrafts Maintenance.
  • Active role in the definition of requirements and establishment of priorities of matters relative to the software evolution.


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