Alkym Airlines

Alkym Airlines

Within an extremely competitive commercial aviation market, operators are obligated to optimize their costs structure whilst increasing their profits. At the same time the service level and quality must not be diminished.

The industry is now going through very narrow profit margins. The best way to expand these margins is the use of controls,  procedure and policies of cost reduction. In an operating environment where many costs are beyond the control of company (such as fuel, salaries, etc.) maintenance is the area in which there is a possibility of controling and optimizing their costs. As a result, airlines face the challenge of increasing their effectiveness by:

  • Reducing delays and cancellations
  • Optimizing the fleet utilization
  • Minimizing risks (warranty safety, training and quality)
  • Reducing maintenance costs 
  • Defining and optimizing processes
  • Developing projects that allow to increase the service level for the passengers  

To reach these goals the Airline must have the correct tools at hand. This statement holds through for all departments; Maintenance, Engineering, Planning and Logistics. 

Alkym Airlines allows the airlines and other operators to effectively manage the total processes included in the different maintenance task levels. No longer will there be need for splintered unreliable in-house built solutions. Alkym will bring the required information in an integrated way to those who need it when they need it.

Alkym Airlines have been tested through many years of use in Airlines all over the world. These include National Flag carriers, Regional Operators and Low Cost Carriers with a wide variety of fleet sizes. We have proven results to highlight the cost reduction along with resources optimization and the increase in the quality standards.

Volartec not only offers its product Alkym® Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance but also our expert services of on-site consulting, implementation and training thought  it. This will ensure that the customer gets the quickest return on investment by:

  • Planning the scheduled maintenance of aircrafts, components and assemblies (e.g. Engines / Landing Gear).
  • Managing Deferred Maintenance
  • Coordinating Human and material resources.
  • Maintaining a convenient availability of the inventory components
  • Controlling component turn around time (TAT)
  • Monitoring and administration of the fleet reliability, suppliers, systems/ components and shipping. 
  • Managing maintenance programs effectively 
  • Controlling of the applicability and completion of the service bulletin and AD´s
  • Managing orders and engineering tasks 
  • Controlling components
  • Training in Alkym/ to guarantee that technicians are trained and qualified for the tasks they perform. 
  • Providing auditing services 
  • Planning and controlling works and special projects 
  • Managing resources and times. 
  • Coordinating jobs for different aircrafts and fleet 
  • Developing, evaluating and monitoring suppliers
  • Managing contracts and open purchase orders 
  • Performing warranty claims 
  • Reducing and optimizing inventories
  • Reducing the total cost of components life time. 
  • Managing engineering projects for aircraft installation systems.
  • etc


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