Training is the only way to fully exploit and master the big and robust features offered by Alkym. 
Volartec provides initial training during the implementation process and offers guidance as you continue to use the program. We strongly believe that recurrent training is essential to keep you up-to-date with the latest development and for training new employees.

Experience and capabilities of our instructors ensure the success of this training objectives.
Volartec offers a wide variety of training options.

 Training in our locations

Our training facilities are specially design for recurrent and initial training in Alkym. Located in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Volartec offers all necessary tools and resources for a successful  training.

On-Line Training

We are working on this method of training via the Internet using a web-based program, to learn from the confort of your own computer.

  • Via Gotomeeting. All you need is a PC with internet access and a phone line
  • Save accommodation and travel costs
  • Secure sessions
  • Flexibility adapting to your schedules.

Please ask about the status of the online training

In-Company Training

In-Company training is used during implementation and it covers all modules adquired by the customer. Provides the knowledge that allows an efficient and complete operation of the system.
Also, courses are provided after the implementation on demand on new modules adquire or the incorporation of new staff.
Its main benefits are,

  • Having the course delivered in-house puts you in control of   what gets covered and how.
  • Ability to engage live with your instructor
  • Train multiple departments of your organization easily.
  • Training programs tailored to your needs
  • Ensures that the learning objectives that you have set for the course are met


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