Better results with the new User Interface

Thanks to its alignment with the guides and design guidelines established by Microsoft for their Office 2010 applications the design of the new Alkym 5 user interface facilitates the use and access to all available features.
The new Alkym 5 presents all tasks in a simplified manner within an enlarged area of work. This reduces distraction and facilitates obtaining the desired results with greater speed and simplicity.

More customization to fit your needs

Thanks to the integration of customized panels in the new home application, it is possible to achieve tailored environments that respond to your requirements for each area or group of users, without affecting the modules and pre-determined options.
In addition, many functionalities have been improved to enhance the system to cater for rotary-wing aircraft. The capability of reports has been also increased, growing its compatibility with the most popular tools in the market.

Support for extended characters set

A new feature to support extended character sets allows the entry and use of information by using all kinds of characters including Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets (dozens more are available). Combinations of scripts are also accepted which facilitates as many scripts in conjunction as your organization requires.

Increased response times and strength

The use of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database engine and the optimization of numerous features and tools enable faster response and better performance. Also, the new features of SQL Server are used in all its extent to broaden Alkym capabilities to provide a better experience for users.

Greater efficiency at work

The integration of new features combined with the redesigned and optimization of many others allow a greater efficiency and speed in the tasks most frequently carried out by users. The new tools for the creation of sets of components, material express delivery from warehouse and special tools to initialize and update work from tasks in the maintenance program help to resolve complex situations effectively and only on a fraction of the time previously required.

More efficient search, use and management of information

New features related to records search and selection, has a more efficient and simple operation. This is achieved through a pre-classification of information and the use of automatic filters. In addition, the inclusion of new and more powerful queries and the ease of parameter entry, result in the information managed by Alkym being handled in the optimal manner.

Optimization on the planning and on the material resources utilization

Optimizations and improvements in functionalities concerning reservations, locks and release of materials, aims to make scheduling more efficient and to make a better use of consumable materials, tools and rotables.
Through configurable automatic processes, it is possible to ensure the material resources for each work scheduled in the desired time and start the provisioning of those materials not available at the base and for the due date.

Online access to Documentation and Download Center

The new feature of online access to documentation and downloads from Volartec´s web site, available for all users in the organization, ensures the best use of all the features and tools offered by Alkym as well as a more fluid communication with specialists from the Volartec´s Customer support Centre.

Alkym version 5 Screenshots